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Serving Western Canada



Red Deer


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    We repair ultrasonic cleaners, generators, modular packs and surface mounted

    We are the authorized repair centre for Electrowave and Blackstone-Ney products,
    including the legendary Grease Monkey series of automotive parts cleaners.


    Featured product

    Small ultrasonic cleaner with digital timer and thermostatic heat control
    1 pint volume (800 ml), 42 kHz
    Includes timer, basket & cover



    The sound solution for ultrasonic cleaning, equipment and repair

    Western Ultrasonics is the premiere source of ultrasonic cleaning and equipment for Western Canada. As labour becomes more expensive and time more valuable, faster and more efficient cleaning methods are continuously being explored. Ultrasonic cleaning technology is used in automotives, aviation repair, electronics repair, fire restoration, golf course pro shops, jewellery stores, hospitals, janitorial and blind cleaning, plant maintenance and radiator repair.

    We address a full range of cleaning problems with precision. Our strength is in the manufacture of custom ultrasonic cleaning equipment and chemicals to tackle specific cleaning tasks.

    Contact us for reliable and thorough cleaning results


    Video: Degassing 101

    Dissolved gasses are removed from the cleaning solution before cleaning starts