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Red Deer


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    We repair ultrasonic cleaners, generators, modular packs and surface mounted

    We are the authorized repair centre for Electrowave and Blackstone-Ney products,
    including the legendary Grease Monkey series of automotive parts cleaners.


    About us

    Our expert skill in ultrasonic cleaning, equipment and repair is equal to our dedication and reliability. Our philosophy is that any complicated geometry can be cleaned, treated and restored to spec with ultrasonics.

    Ultrasonic cleaning technology rapidly and efficiently clears surfaces, crevices and obscured complex areas not accessible by other methods. It is also a gentle process that extends media life by avoiding harsh physical action.

    Our cleaning process works as follows: A transducer converts electrical energy of a high frequency into sound waves. The sound waves cause disruption of liquid as alternate positive and negative pressure areas are produced, resulting in vacuum cavities or cavitation bubbles. The bubbles are created during negative pressure periods, grow larger over several cycles and then collapse. The pressure exerted by the imploding bubbles invokes the cleaning action allowing access to micron size pores, mesh openings and fine porous media not otherwise accessible.


    Typical before and after

    Filter cleaning

    Where other methods compress material into filter media and small areas, ultrasonic action clears them out. Service life of filters can extend two and three fold depending on how hard they are cycled. Even very fine materials in fuel filters are cleared of contaminants at the micron level without degrading and distorting the media.

    Paint removal

    Our paint and coating removal system has provided a safe and non-intrusive way to strip aluminum of even polyurethane-based coatings.