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Serving Western Canada



Red Deer


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    We repair ultrasonic cleaners, generators, modular packs and surface mounted

    We are the authorized repair centre for Electrowave and Blackstone-Ney products,
    including the legendary Grease Monkey series of automotive parts cleaners.



    We sell all sizes of ultrasonic cleaners, from small jewellery cleaners to large models for industrial cleaning. We also sell problem solving chemicals. Our strength is in the manufacture of custom ultrasonic cleaning equipment and chemicals to tackle specific cleaning tasks.

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    Featured product

    Small ultrasonic cleaner with digital timer and thermostatic heat control
    1 pint volume (800 ml), 42 kHz
    Includes timer, basket & cover
    Model SS192, inside 6 x 3½ x 2½ in, outside 7 x 4 x 5 in
    $120 USD


    Electrowave machines
    We are the Electrowave dealer for Canada
    Models in stock
    EW-3, 9½ x 5½ x 4 in
EW-6, 12 x 6¼ x 6 in

    EW-12, 12 x 9½ x 8 in

    EW-14, 13 x 12 x 6 in
EW-22, 20 x 12 x 8 in

    Explosion-proof machines
    Electrowave explosion-proof rating

    Blackstone-Ney machines
    We are the Blackstone-Ney dealer for Western Canada
    Aquarius multi-tank console systems

    Atlantis large capacity cleaning tanks

    CH-series single tank consoles
HT-series benchtop heated tanks
IM-series immersible transducers

    Grease Monkey machines
    Pro HT Series (formerly Grease Monkey Junior)
Grease Monkey Classic 3523
Grease Monkey Classic 1818
Grease Monkey Classic 1818 DLX

    Custom ultrasonic machines for radiator repair and fire resoration



    Ultrasonic cleaner/degreaser
    Product description   MSDS

    G1 stripper (heavy duty paint and coating remover)
    Product description   MSDS

    G1A stripper (heavy duty cleaner, coating remover)
    Product description   MSDS

    Heavy duty grill cleaner (alkaline pre-soak)
    Product description   MSDS

    Gold degreaser
    Product description   MSDS

    Non aqueous solvent

    Power one degreaser
    Product description   MSDS

    PurEdge (degreaser, rust inhibitor)
    Product description   MSDS